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Audit roles get down into the detail, understanding what we do on a granular level.

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Keeping us safe and secure, detail by detail

Audit is our 3rd and last line of defence. Fully independent – we report to the Group Audit Committee rather than the Board of Directors – we give the bank’s customers and stakeholders confidence that we’re secure.

If you want certainty in your career path, working in Audit will give you a clear route up the ladder. But we’re nothing if not diverse. Technology and app experts, former law enforcement, and just those with curiosity and a nose for detail – accountancy qualification or not.

If you love to ask ‘why’, and really understand the answer, your next job could be here.


Build a career with breadth and depth

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Expect something new with every assignment, every personality, every process, every control.

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A clear career path means that you’ll always know what you need to do to take the next step.

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Audit is a fantastic place to understand our business, from a high level to right down in the detail.

Never stop learning

A job in Audit means the chance to keep discovering new areas of our business, and to keep on learning.

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Competitive pay, great benefits with flexibility baked in.

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Remote and flexible working

Ways of working that make it easy to do your job, and respond to your lifestyle.

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Supporting you

Proper support, when and where you need it.

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Learning and development

Taking learning out of the classroom, and putting it into everything we do.