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Change and Project Management

Our change, project and portfolio managers are the lifeblood of our transformation.

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Dynamism personified

As a change or project manager in any area of our business, you’ll be making a big impact.

We keep on changing. We want the best of new ways of working, and of new technologies. And we want to get closer to our customers when they need us, whether those customers are outside our business or in it.

That means big ideas for how to do things better, new opportunities all the time, and the chance to see the change you made happen.

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Meet our agents of change

Working in a change or project management job could put you in any area of our business. But wherever you are, the send that you’re getting stuff done will be the same.

Hear from some of our colleagues doing those jobs now, and find out how they work, what they like about working here, and how they see the future.

Keep reinventing the new

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Change may be constant, but it’s always different and never dull.

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We move and we evolve, but we support each other too.

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Deliver stuff that matters, and make things better everywhere you go.

Inside one of our big ideas

Adding a carbon footprint tracker to our app is just one way we’re helping more people go greener. Take a peak inside the project.

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Working here

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Competitive pay, great benefits with flexibility baked in.

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Remote and flexible working

Ways of working that make it easy to do your job, and respond to your lifestyle.

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Supporting you

Proper support, when and where you need it.

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Learning and development

Taking learning out of the classroom, and putting it into everything we do.