Data and Analytics Graduate Programme.

Find and tell the stories in our data so we can serve our customers better.


Edinburgh and London
Qualifications required
2:1 degree
September 2021
2 years

About the business

We have a huge asset in our data. And how we harness this to understand the world, our business and our customers’ needs is crucial to our success. In Data and Analytics we promote the intelligent use of data and make sure it’s used in the right way.

Good data engineering helps us to get to grips with the data we have, and to profile the key features we can use to power our data science models. And in Data Science, we can apply statistics, computer science and problem-solving skills together with strong research methods to test, learn and optimise machine learning powered decisions to help customers.

In Data and Analytics you can expect to be creative with data to come up with innovative solutions using new techniques. You’ll consider ethical issues and focus on keeping our customers’ data safe, understand and optimise our customer interactions, and much more.

Meet Alexandra and Lisa.

Data and Analytics is a fast growing and critical part of our business. Hear from Alexandra and Lisa about their experience on the graduate programme.

About the programme

Our aim in this two-year programme is to equip you with the skills and experiences you’ll need to become a leading data expert. The programme specifically focuses on helping the business put data at the core of its decision making, and ensuring the business is able to make well informed, data driven decisions. As a graduate trainee with Data and Analytics, you’ll learn how we’re using data to drive changes and improvements in customer experiences.

We’ll reward you with a starting salary of £31,850 a year.

During the programme you can look forward to:

  • Learning the core technical skills needed to succeed as an analyst
  • Interrogating, interpreting and visualising large volumes of data
  • Learning how to articulate complex situations and technical work to non-technical stakeholders
  • Driving the use of data to ensure better customer engagement
  • Building your confidence, and developing your influencing and stakeholder management skills
  • Learning how our Data Academy can enable you to develop a strong foundation in critical data skills, and provide the opportunity to master specialisms like data science and data engineering

Programme structure

What's the programme's structure, and how will we support you through it? Watch this short video to find out.

On completing the programme you’ll be well positioned for a career in data. Depending on your talents and preferences, you could move into a role as a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, or Data Analyst, to cite just a few examples.

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