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Finance, Risk and Controls

Understand, measure and control everything we do – from cashflow to processes, models to products.

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Robustly ambitious, ambitiously robust

Our customers expect a bank that’s safe and secure, well capitalised and well controlled. And they expect us to match their ambition, standing beside them as they grow their companies, their communities, and their families.

We’re building controls with a firm eye on the technologies and services of the future. And we’re doing it in a way that’s practical, pragmatic, nimble, and assured. Whether you have a nose for risk, forensic auditing skills, or firm financial nous, you could be part of it.


Control with purpose

We’re much more than number cruncher and control checkers. Our people are outward looking, and they care about the impact we have as an organisation.

Hear from a few of them, find out what motivates them, and what they value about working here.