14 miles from the French coast, Jersey has the most sunshine in the British Isles and is home to some of the best beaches in Europe as well as the head office of RBS International. Many residents head to the beach after work in the summer for a surf or to swim in the safe waters while others walk along the scenic country lanes and cliff paths.

The island is home to a large number of customer facing teams, along with dedicated back office support staff, HR, Legal and Compliance, along with Finance and Risk. The main office is Royal Bank House located in the town centre, just a short walking distance from the main shopping district.

Life in Jersey

The office is close to the center of St Helier with its shops and cafes and the local central market which offers a wide range of produce, crafts and goods as well as a fish market which has served islanders for over 200 years.

The lively variety of cafes and bars offer something for everyone, while scenic parks and beaches provide space to relax as well for friends or families to spend time together.

Getting around

While it may be the biggest of the Channel Islands, Jersey is easy to navigate, with a vast cycle network and bus service.

Electric bikes are available to hire across the island and facilities at our main office encourage the outdoor lifestyle with showers and bicycle storage.

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