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Learning and development

Learning for work, learning for life.

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Join the academy

Learn what you want, how you want

We make it easy for our colleagues to get curated learning that sets them up for the future they want. From bitesize on demand courses, to events and professional qualifications.

Choose learning by skill, theme, or business area. Go deeper into the skills you have already, or build brand new ones. Work through the heaps of in-house content, or use the links to outside sources to go further.

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Agile methodology



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Data literacy

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Digital literacy

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Zero in on data

Data is everyone’s job, and our dedicated Data Academy helps to make that happen.

Data Academy has courses for novices who want to get their head round key concepts, and experienced pros who want to specialise further. Learn by gaming, or study for a nano degree. You can dip in when you want to, or follow a curriculum designed to make you a better data engineer, analyst, or scientist. And everything in between.

Pushing yourself forward

From formal to informal, we have lots of ways for you to take your career where you want to go.

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We provide guides and tools to help, your colleagues provide the wisdom to help you meet your goals. Everybody wins.

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Personal Development Plans

Set your own learning goals, and work to them with the support of your manager.

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Take a few hours a week to support another part of the business, grow your skills, and make connections.

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Want a complete career change? Learn a brand new skillset from the ground up, full time, with professional tutoring.

Reskill, reinvent

Learn a brand new skillset from scratch

Our Reskilling programme gives colleagues who apply the chance to learn a completely new set of skills, learning how to do key jobs like software or data engineer. It’s a full time, complete learning opportunity which can give careers a brand new start.

Reskilling includes classroom training, as well as on the job learning over a period of months, to teach the fundamentals of jobs which are crucial in the knowledge economy.

Got the gig

Low commitment, low pressure, high impact

How do you learn about a new business area, improve your skills, and make connections with new colleagues, without the commitment of something like a secondment? The answer is gigs.

Spend up to five hours a week for up to three months using your current skills to do something different, learning brand new skills, or even volunteering. Gigs are flexible, easy to fit in alongside your job, and full of potential.

Critical People Capabilities

We’re committed to nurturing a fair and inclusive environment where we all feel we belong. By working together to achieve great things with our colleagues, communities, and customers, we can celebrate and respect everyone’s strengths and differences.

Learn for the future

Three days a year for learning

As technology changes, business and jobs change with it. Which means we all need to keep learning. But finding the time can be a struggle.

So we give our colleagues three days a year to dedicate to learning for the future. To build the skills their job will need tomorrow, or to build the skills for the job they see themselves in tomorrow. Self directed, when they want it.

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