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We know how important learning is. And we know that when the only true constant is change, the classroom just doesn’t cut it anymore.

So we take a more direct approach to the ways we learn. Every time we connect with our customers, every interaction with colleagues, is a chance to learn and to educate.

We give our people the tools and knowledge that let them take control of their learning, and of their career development. Every person understands the critical capabilities they need to do their own job well, and any other job in the organisation, making career planning easier.

Here are a few of the ways our people can benefit from learning:


NatWest Group Learning Academy

Helping our people learn to learn and recognise the opportunities all around them, our flagship Learning Academy offers the chance to build future-focused skills and knowledge. There are plenty of ways to build data, digital skills and agile working skills, and a rounded approach to learning also includes wellbeing and understanding climate change.

Because not everyone learns the same way, the academy features a range of content to suit different learning styles. From bitesize video to links into like-minded communities and registration for courses, everyone can access new knowledge in a way that works for them.


Available to everyone and offering as much flexibility as you could hope for, mentoring can provide an incredibly valuable boost to your career. It’s a great way to tap into your colleagues’ skills, knowledge and experiences to help take you where you want to go.

While every mentor and mentee relationship is different, we provide centralised knowledge, tools and approaches which are flexible enough to help everyone understand what they want to achieve, and put in place a structure which will help them get there.

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Professional Career Development Programme

To serve our customers well, our people need first class professional skills. Our Professional Career Development Programme allows us to offer specialist training to a huge range of colleagues from across our business.

The programme provides degree-level training programmes which are accredited and managed by an external university, and gives participants the chance to earn externally-recognised qualifications which support their performance in their roles.

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