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Reward and benefits

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Your salary is just the start

You know what you want better than we do. So we’ve designed our reward package with that in mind. On top of your salary you’ll get retirement funding and, depending on your job, benefit funding too.

That flexible package gives you the freedom to choose the benefits that suit you and your family.

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Your benefits, your choice

Want full protection for whatever life might throw at you? Prefer to get the most out of your weekly shop? Or maybe you want a bike to ride to work? Our benefits will let you get more out of what matters to you, month after month.

Your health


Peace of mind

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Investing for tomorrow

Piggy bank

Extras that count

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Boost your spending power

NatWest Group Offers

Really make your money go farther. From basics like breakdown cover, to experience days or summer holidays, our carefully chosen offers will help you get more for less.

Giving you a discount on the upfront price or points that work like cashback, there’s a huge range of offers available. And whether you’re doing the weekly grocery shop, buying big one-off items, or treating yourself to a wardrobe refresh, we have offers to help.

And if you combine them with our shopping card, you can get even more out of them.

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Supporting you

We all need a helping hand from time to time. Whatever’s going on in your life, we’re right behind you.

How we support you

  • Make the first few months count, with parental leave for all new parents and careers
  • Get fast and confidential help with wellbeing, finances, mental health, legal issues, and more
  • Reach on-demand medical support when you need it
  • Take time away from work with our flexible leave policy
More on Supporting You

Saving for your future

Our Retirement Savings Plan works on defined contributions. We’ll give you pension funding on top of your salary, so you can grow your savings for tomorrow while cutting your tax today.

You can opt to put in more, or to put more in each year. And you can choose what kinds of investments your money is put against. So you can decide how adventurous or how safe you want to be.

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Be part of the community

Three volunteering days a year

Our people care about the part we play in society, and the communities where they live. So we give them three days a year to volunteer for causes that excite them. Plus our volunteering portal makes it easy to find ways to use those days close to them.

And because we want their impact to go even farther, we match the funds our colleagues raise. Up to £500 per colleague per year.

Sharing in Success

When we meet our targets for long term, sustainable growth, our people should benefit too. So we started Sharing in Success.

Each year we measure how we’re doing against our targets. If they show that we’re helping customers, that we’re managing our risk well and growing sustainably, then we give our eligible colleagues an extra reward. Up to £1500 in NatWest Group shares, depending on their individual performance. It’s a way to say ‘thank you’ while rewarding the best behaviours and long term thinking.

You can choose either to become a shareholder, or to take the value in cash instead.

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