The most populous city on Earth is one of its truly great metropolises. A giant in every sense, Tokyo has the world’s largest urban economy by GDP, and is one of the world’s top financial centres. And perhaps no surprise to lovers of Japanese cuisine is that it’s also the world’s gastronomic capital, with by far the most Michelin stars of any city.

Tokyo’s scale means that you can never be short of something to do. Many of its districts feel like cities in their own rights with characters all of their own, such as nightlife hub Roppongi and shopping destination Ginza. Whatever you’re looking for, Tokyo has it.

We’re based in Shin-Marunouchi Centre Building in the Chiyoda area at the business heart of the city, surrounded by dozens of restaurants, cafés and shops. The Imperial Palace and lush public parks are just a few minutes away.

Tokyo’s public transport system is efficient and reliable, if not a little crowded. Our building has direct access to the Tokyo Station, a key hub for both rail and metro services.

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