Warsaw is key European business hub, where our offices are located outside of the city centre in a green business park setting. Poland's economy has been one of the best performers in the EU since the new millennium, showing consistent growth.

The capital Warsaw is a very attractive city. It's a melting pot of different cultures, with renowned hospitability that welcomes you with open arms everywhere you go. The picturesque old town – rebuilt after the Second World War along with the majority of the city – centres on a pretty pedestrianised square housing the Royal Castle. Nearby, Łazienki Park offers a splendid park complex with a palace, amphitheatre, a pond and a monument, and is one of the must see attractions for locals and visitors alike.

The Palace of Culture & Science – the tallest building in the city until the completion of the Varso tower – has an observation deck on the 30th floor where you can take in the full panorama of the city below you. Warsaw contains an abundance of architectural styles, with renaissance and baroque stylings juxtaposed with modern glass and steel structures. The river that meanders through the city hosts several events in the summer, and is an ideal backdrop to sit out with friends and family and enjoy a meal or a drink, or maybe a free classical music concert.

Whether it's sports, the arts, museums, shopping or dining out, Warsaw has it all. With added perks like the annual cinema festival where you can watch films for free at venues all across the city, there's plenty to do in your spare time.

This jewel in Central Europe is developing dynamically, and the large student presence is evidence of its attraction as a great base to build a career. A major benefit for international business is the high proportion of English speakers living and working here. And with every leisure pastime catered for, there truly is something for everyone.

The area

The Wiśniowy Business Park is situated around 5km from the city centre, benefitting from both green open spaces, and plenty of amenities. The buildings offer a comfortable working environment, and feature kitchens, open spaces and showers on each floor – handy for those cycling to work.

Within the wider park there are shared amenities with other businesses, such as a medical centre. There are also three separate canteens offering a range of food at an affordable price, making lunch times both easy and varied.

The site itself is set in landscaped gardens which offer the perfect setting for an outdoor picnic in the summer, especially when the food trucks arrive on site during the warmer months. The area has many benches and tables, so you'll always be able to find some peace and quiet to relax and recharge on your breaks.

For visitors, there are two hotels close by, and the airport is conveniently placed for guests coming to the office. There's also a shopping centre within easy reach, along with more restaurants and pubs, so you won't need to travel far from the site to find what you – or your guests – need.

The nearby Medical University provides an influx of both local and international students to the area, creating a vibrant atmosphere and adding real interest to the park's location.

Getting around

Warsaw is a well connected city. An extensive bus network links up all locations in and around the city, making it an easy and affordable means of travel. With a bus station a mere 5 minutes walk from the business park, commuting is extremely easy.

For those who prefer to drive, there is an efficient parking system where you can book spots with ease. And for those commuting into Warsaw from neighbouring towns, there's a train station close by.

Cycling has grown in popularity over the past few years, and with bike stands in front of the office, more and more people are being encouraged to use two wheels to get around.

If you want to navigate around the city centre, there are two underground lines which link up many of the main areas.