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60 seconds with ... Joe Nazareth, Wealth Manager

How would you describe your job to someone who doesn’t know anything about what you do?

As a Wealth Manager at Coutts, I’m responsible for providing investment advice, and coordinating all things financial planning for our clients. This can mean funding ISAs, building a general investment pot, retirement planning, or even arranging wills. I work alongside private bankers who’re responsible for what we do for clients from a debt and banking perspective.

What do you value about working at the bank?

I value that fact that I get to support some of the most successful and influential individuals, and families, in the UK. Our clients are fascinating people with lots of interesting stories to tell. I also value the great colleagues that I work with. There’s a huge amount of knowledge and experience to draw on all around the bank.

What would surprise people about working here?

I think people would be surprised just how diverse our client base is. These days wealth is generated by the young rising stars in private equity, insurance and technology, as well as by the seasoned CEOs and company directors, and that’s just in the Financial Sponsors and Executives client group. All client groups, from Sports, Media and Entertainment to Professionals to Entrepreneurs, have such a range of clients and all have generated their wealth in different ways.

As a child what did you dream you’d be when you grew up?

I think I moved through phases of wanting to be a fireman, an astronaut and then a professional footballer – as most young lads do. But I did seriously consider being a teacher at one point too. My role here has given me the platform to build an interesting and varied career though. There’s always something new to learn and I really value meeting our clients and helping them with their investments.

If you could give one piece of advice personally or professionally, what would it be?

Some good advice I was given is that work-life balance is important, but the balance can shift. There’ll be times when work comes first and needs to be the priority in order to get things done or take the next step in your career. And then there will be times when family and home life should absolutely be the focus. Being able to flex between the two is a great skill and something to work on.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

There are of course many serious and important answers to this question – I would end famine, racism, and injustice of any kind.

But as a more light-hearted response, I’d change the UK weather so that it was more consistent and it would never rain when you plan a BBQ in the summer.

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