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9 top tips for applying to our Graduate and Internship programmes

Posted by Alex Heron, posted about 2 months ago

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Are you looking to apply to one of our Graduate or Internship programmes? Great! They’re the perfect way to start a fun an exciting career in banking, but before you get stuck in take a few minutes to read through these tips – organised in a handy numbered list – to give yourself the best chance of getting in.

1. Familiarise yourself

We know that the application process may feel daunting, but familiarising yourself with the assessments, including taking practice tests can be really helpful to help you prepare and feel more confident. Before you start applying give yourself the best opportunity to demonstrate your potential by having a read through our application process guide for an in-depth look at what to expect.

2. Think about your environment

Find a comfortable and quiet space where you can take the assessments without interruptions or distractions. Let others around you know that you’ll need uninterrupted time to complete them.

3. Plan your time

Make sure you plan your time, thinking about when you’ll complete the practice assessment and when you’ll complete the real assessment. Choose a time when you do your best work.

4. Take your time

You don’t need to complete all of the assessments at once. Take your time and feel free to make a cup of tea and decompress between them. It can be a bit daunting so make sure you’re looking after yourself!

5. Try to stay positive

Try to read and follow the instructions carefully and focus on the task at hand. If things don’t go to plan during the assessment don’t worry! Just try to move on and keep yourself positive and on track.

6. Think about what to wear

In the video assessment and virtual assessment centre we won’t be assessing your appearance, but you may want to think about wearing something that you’ll feel comfortable and confident in.

7. Check your technology

Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and a functional computer or device. Before the video assessment you’ll be able to test your microphone before completing the questions to help avoid any last-minute disasters!

8. Don’t delay

We only have limited places available, and this means we process the applications in the order we receive them. Give yourself the greatest chance of success and apply now.

9. Let us know if you need support

Here at NatWest Group we want to champion your potential by enabling you to show your best self.  If you have a disability, health or mental health condition, or if you’re neurodivergent and adjustments would support you in your assessment(s), there’ll be opportunities to let us know throughout your application journey. We’ll have a confidential discussion and work with you to put in place any physical or non-physical adjustments you may need. Any information you share with us will only be used to make adjustments for your assessment(s) and we won’t share this information with anyone else.

Hopefully the tips above have helped you feel more prepared and confident about applying to our Graduate and Internship schemes, so good luck and we look forward to working with you very soon!

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