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Kamaljit Ragha talks us through her career in risk, and playing an active role in the Sikh community

Posted by Olivia Lyons, over 5 years ago

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Kamaljit Ragha has been with the bank for over a decade in several different roles, focusing on excellent service while keeping our customers safe. So it’s no surprise she ended up in a risk focused role, or that she managed to progress quickly.

I caught up with Kamaljit to find out about her career so far, and the ways in which she contributes to her Sikh community.

Kamaljit began by telling me about her current role

‘I’m a Quality Assurance Manager, so I conduct quality assessments on how we deal with complaints and look for things which get in the way of fair customer outcomes. If a customer’s not satisfied, we want to make sure we know so we can provide a solution.

‘I think there’s a common misconception that risk jobs are boring when it’s actually quite the opposite; there’s so much that goes on in the background that I don’t think many people know about or appreciate unless you’re in that type of role. It’s amazing when you see what goes on to protect our customers.’

And have you always worked in this business area?

‘I joined the bank as a Cashier, which led onto a Complex Complaint Team Leader role before becoming a Complaints Team Manager. So I worked from the ground up, but quickly moved into an area where I was leading a large team and solving problems for our customers.

‘I have a degree, but I think starting my career as a cashier was really important as it gave me such a great understanding of customer needs and how the bank operates.’

What advice do you have for people who want to progress quickly?

‘It might be daunting, but don’t be afraid to throw yourself into something that might seem a bit alien at first; it’s a great way to find out what you’re interested in. I’d also advise everyone to stay true to themselves. You can be professional and still show your personality – it helps people to buy into you, and lets you build relationships naturally.’

Has the bank changed much in the last ten years?

‘The biggest change I’ve seen is the way that different departments work together. It’s become so much easier to collaborate with teams in different cities and even different countries, and it really enhances the way we work. We’re encouraged to work together as one big team, support each other and see the bigger picture, and we now have the resources which make that collaboration so much easier.

‘I’ve also seen a huge push regarding diversity and inclusion. It’s great to have such a wide range of people with different backgrounds and mindsets working together. All these differences make us stronger as a team and encourage us to think outside the box and move out of our comfort zones. It’s important that we continue to learn from each other.’

How do you spend your time outside of work?

‘I’m an active member in my Sikh community. I go to temple every Sunday and I’m currently involved in Langar Seva, a programme that involves providing meals for the homeless, irrespective of their situation and how they ended up on the streets. It takes up quite a lot of time but it’s incredibly rewarding to help people in that way. I’m also one of five kids, so my family keep me busy!’

And finally, what’s next for you?

‘I definitely want to stay with the bank; I can only really see myself at RBS.

‘I’d love to stay in risk and controls and eventually move into a first line of defence role to build a better understanding of the bank’s risk appetite. My roles have taught me how to do the right thing by both the customer and the bank, and I want to keep looking forward and finding longer term solutions to any potential issues that could be harmful.

‘I love that there’s always the opportunity to learn more, develop new skills and meet new people.’

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