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Inspiring people to be their true selves.

As the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit Award’s Diverse Company of the Year, here’s how we ensure our workplace is more inclusive than ever.

When it comes to inclusion, we have always tried to make everyone feel safe and welcome in the workplace. We work hard to make our colleagues feel accepted because we measure success by how comfortable they feel at work with NatWest Group. And this year, our diversity initiatives have brought us the coveted Diverse Company of the Year recognition at the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit Awards. Here is a brief look at how we celebrate differences and create a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Gender Balance

It’s our aim to bring more women talent to the fore by increasing their representation in the top three layers of the organization. Initiatives such as the Male Allies programme that empowers male employees to support their female counterparts, Women Comeback programme that lets qualified women restart their careers after a career break, and Women Sponsorship programme have been helping us nurture our women leadership and make gender equality a reality.

Multigenerational Workforce

With four generations working shoulder to shoulder, we work to dispel the myths surrounding age through programmes that have been helping our colleagues learn from each other. These sessions, including Multigenerational Intelligence Workshops, Speed Networking, and Reverse Mentoring, along with the Junior Management Team, have created a cross-generational platform for our employees to come together and collaborate.

Enable Network

People with Disabilities (PWD) are an invaluable part of what makes us diverse and inclusive. As an equal opportunity employer, we have been fortunate to work with many individuals from the PWD community, who keep proving that the right environment would help anyone realise their full potential. Programmes such as hiring drives, training sessions and industry partnerships have helped these colleagues get the right career development opportunities.

Ethnic Diversity

NatWest Group is a true representation of India’s diversity. Through projects like team activities, awareness sessions and skill development, our employees embrace the multicultural environment that prevails in the workplace. These programmes also offer a unique chance to learn more about each other’s diverse cultures and their significance.

LGBTQIA+ Innovative

The LGBTQIA+ community offers a wealth of talent, and we are one of India’s top organisations that continuously tap into its potential. We were among the sponsors of the RISE job fair, India’s firs LGBTQIA+ oriented hiring event during its initial years. Transcend, our first-of-its-kind internship programme, gives transgender people from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to build a career with our multinational organisation. What’s more, we have also reviewed our policies to make the workplace safer and more inclusive for the community.

For an organisation to understand its customers, it should reflect the community it serves.

By embracing diversity, we not only reflect the world we live in, but champion potential and build a better society for everyone as well. The fact that our employees rated us 16 points higher than the industry norm for inclusion bears testimony to this. We know there’s a long way to go for us to make a wider impact, but we are proud to have touched many lives and become a role model for the industry when it comes to being an equal opportunity employer.

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