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Sweet 16 years strong: Ishita’s journey of resilience and gratitude

Posted by Sujay Sudharshan, about 2 months ago

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For 16 years, Ishita Gandhi’s story has unfolded at NatWest Group. From Test Management to Risk & Controls, she’s embraced diverse roles. ‘When work fosters such flexibility, nothing can hold you back. It truly allows everything to fall into place, both at home and in the office’, she says.

Chessboard of choices

In 2012, her children’s chess aspirations presented a career challenge. ‘The dilemma was real,’ she reflects. ‘But immediately, my team presented tailored solutions that allowed me to navigate this personal moment without compromising my career. That’s when I truly understood NatWest Group's commitment to employee well-being.’

Exploring new roles

When asked about navigating career transitions, Ishita’s response highlights the value she finds in the group: ‘Access to exciting opportunities makes me immensely proud to work here. It’s equipped me with a diverse skillset and enriched my experiences.’ Today, she has also taken on the role of mentor, guiding others along their career paths.

Learning and upskilling

Driven by learning, she immersed herself in the world of Cloud through the Group’s learning resources. ‘Curiosity keeps me going. The Learning Academy empowered me to become an expert in delivering IT risk assessments for the cloud.’

Beyond work

Ishita’s impact extends beyond her core role. Volunteering for fundraising, orphanages, and helping leprosy patients, she embodies the spirit of giving back.

This isn’t the end

‘Whatever happens, happens for the best and if not for my family’s support throughout, my journey would be incomplete’ says Ishita, as we celebrate her 16 years of incredible contribution.

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