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Which of these 10 traits is driving your career?

Figuring out what’s most important to you when it comes to work isn’t always easy, and that’s where career drivers come in. Career drivers are different traits that we all have, and they’re the driving force behind job satisfaction. Knowing yours can be the difference between loving and hating your job, so it’s important to know them if you want to find a career that’s a good fit for you.

We’ve put together a list of ten common career drivers to help you discover what motivates you. Now all you have to do is decide which of these sounds most like you.

1. When it comes to your work, you like to know your stuff

Back of mans head looking at code on a computer screen

You’re driven by the need to become a real expert in your field. Rather than spreading your knowledge across a range of subjects, you prefer the idea of specialising in a chosen field, putting you in an excellent position where only you (and perhaps a select few) can do the role.

2. Creativity is kind of your thing

Man playing with tablet in a group meeting

You want a job where you can stretch your creative muscles, think outside the box, and use your imagination. You’re the person who brings new and fresh ideas to the table – and you really enjoy it too.

3. You go out of your way to help people

Lady helping a colleague with a computer program

You want more than just a job - you want to make a difference with your work. You search for deeper meanings in your career, looking for jobs where you can have a tangible, positive impact.

4. You’re a natural leader

Man writing on whiteboard with two colleagues watching

You like to take control of situations, and have an input on big decisions. Seeing the positive results of your judgements and actions on others inspires you, and you enjoy guiding and motivating people.

5. You like to-do lists (a lot)

Person writing on paper

You’re never late for an appointment. And you always have a stapler. You’re the person who keeps things in order – and you’re good at it. You like to plan ahead, and you think things through thoroughly to get great results in your work. And your reward? Seeing your hard work and efforts used to positive effect.

6. You want a job that pays well

Businessman talking on telephone

Whether it’s going towards a house, a holiday or a rainy day, money is important to you. You seek financial return as your central drive at work; you want to work hard, and be rewarded for your efforts. You’re happy to take on big challenges to do this, because you know the results will be worth it.

7. You love the people you work with

Group of staff talking around a table with coffee

Having a strong team environment or social aspect to your work is a must. You love working with people, and you look for jobs where you’re able to do this everyday. Whether it’s with customers or colleagues, you thrive on social interactions to really enjoy your work.

8. Job security is important to you

Colleagues in a performance review

When it comes to your job, security is key. You’re looking for a career that’s in high demand within the industry. You want to make sure that you’ll always have a steady income, your role is protected, and it carries little risk.

9. You like your own company

Man working on his own

It’s not that you don’t like working with others; you just prefer an independent approach to your work. It’s important you’re able to make your own decisions and have a good work/life balance, whether it’s choosing your working hours and location, or having control over your own workload. You want a role where your employer is flexible and adaptable to your needs.

10. You think variety is the spice of life

Two colleagues working in open office

You need to be constantly moving, whether it’s physically or mentally, and you’d love a job with regular travel, varied workloads, or lots of interactions with new people. You seek excitement in your career, where you’re always moving in some shape or form.

So, how did you get on? The great thing about this kind of exercise is that you can discover drivers and passions you didn’t even realise you had. You get to know what you like at work better, and you also get to know yourself better too.

Now you know your career drivers, why not see if we have the role to match them? Check out our latest opportunities now.

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